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Contoured carving

This is cutting of lines – straight, curved, circles, various spirals – of different width and depth. Patterns carved using this technique remind precise graphical drawing.

This way is used to carve plants, birds, flowers, people and geometrical ornaments. The pattern should be simple with clear contours. It is transferred to the wood with a simple colored carbon paper.

Contoured carving is made with a slanted cutter and semi-circular chisels. A groove is formed in a carved line of the contoured pattern; the cut of such groove is triangular or rectangular. Lines should be cut at once, otherwise a cut piece would look untidy, with breakages and chips. Ships should automatically fall away from the piece. The cut line should be of the same depth. One should pay attention to the location of wood fibers. Instrument should be held with both hands. Hold the handle of the cutter or a semi-circular chisel with your right hand and support the chisel next to the blade with your left hand fingers.

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