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About us

Wooden Gallery is a Website for expositions and sales, where everyone, who is related to the art of woodcarving, can publish and sell his works. Insert photos of your works, tell about yourself and find associates! Anyone can use Website regardless of age, sex or experience. The Website is created so that its use would be simple and effective. Here how you can do it:

1. Think of a user name and password by clicking a reference for registration on the first page (direct reference).
2. You have a possibility to place short information about yourself and insert your photo by completing a webform.
3. After completion of a registration process you can start inserting photos of your works. You can also insert photos of sold works but site administration asks you to specify the following necessary information by every photo:
- Name of work.
- Specify category of an item (Sculptures, street furniture, small carved works and others).
- Specify price of an item (or sold/not for sale/ and so on).

We hope that by using this site you will be able to expose your works and find many useful contacts!

Good luck!

* Intellectual property

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It is strictly forbidden to someway spread or otherwise use information and materials of administration and users, and also comments of users, published on the Portal, on other sites, in mass-media and other destinations without a written approval of the portal. And in case if the approval is received it is necessary to indicate the site as a source.

* By placing a comment every Portal guest automatically confirms that his comment doesn’t breach provisions of laws and rights of third persons.

Portal guests, who place comments, are personally liable for their comments and can be brought to criminal, administrative and civil responsibility in order, established by laws.

Ditus cooperates with law-enforcement authorities and will provide information about such guests by requests of these authorities.

Ditus reserves the right to delete comments of guests if they are uncivilized, not connected with the topic, advertise any persons, goods or services, encourage illegal actions, otherwise breach laws or are incompatible with generally accepted ethic and moral standards.
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